We have been using plastic straws for a longer period of time already.  Though we know that using such straws is harmful to the environment.  Have you seen those turtles in the sea with straws entangled on their noses? Have you seen those whales and dolphins that can’t even move and swim faster because a lot of garbage is already attached to their bodies, and most of these are plastic straws?  This could be alarming since a lot of food chains, restaurants;takeout food counters are using straw for beverages.  Even us at home are suing straws especially when there are gatherings and occasions, and even without any of those. 

It’s time to wake up.  Many animals especially those that are living in the water received our garbage.  They are not humans and they cannot clean the ocean the place where they live in.  Sadly, many of them lost their lives because of these. 

Now, why don’t we try to contribute something to save not just animals but also us, people? We are also affected with these wastes because we also get our food from the ocean.  Little by little, let’s start helping the environment.  Simply by stopping the use of plastic straws and using stainless steel straws instead.  What are the benefits? Check these out!

Stainless steel straws are reusable for extended period of time.  It doesn’t easily and last longer even when used every day. You can find more details on original stainless steel on the site stainlesssteelstraws.com.

Stainless steel straws limit environmental wastes.  We will no longer use disposable or plastic straws thus reducing our garbage.

There is no chemical reaction for stainless steel straw when being used with various beverages.  Unlike plastic that is known to be the cause of various kinds of cancer, using of stainless steel straws is completely safe for everyone. 

It’s practical.  Many stainless straws can be bought in friendly price.