Back then, when you opened a drawer, there was nothing out of the ordinary. Nowadays, you may see something on the side of some drawers. They look like they are made of plastic but they actually aren’t. These are called drawer slides and they are attached to the side of the drawer. The purpose of those slides is that they allow fast and convenient opening of the drawers. They are also able to hold a lot of weight depending on what kind they are. However, these slides are more than just for holding drawers, and here’s some of them.

Other uses of drawer slides

  • It bears repeating but these slides are used for holding up drawers. These drawers can be used at home for storing your clothes and other items. Then, they are also used for offices like those filing cabinets that have drawers for you to open.
  • These drawer slides are also used for desks that you have to pull. If your school or office has these kinds of desks then you’ll see the slides on the side. They are also used for computer units where the keyboard is on the moving desk.
  • They also use these slides in the industrial sector. They aren’t used for holding up drawers and desks but they can be used to allow platforms to slide around with ease. Plus, as we mentioned they are able to hold a lot of weight.

A few things to keep in mind

  • You can actually order just slides on their own. There are people selling them and whatever you do with them is up to you. This is good if your slides are broken and you can just replace them in the process.
  • Depending on the quality of the slides, they can hold a lot of weight even around 100 pounds or more.

Drawer slides are used for more than just drawers as long as you know where they are used for.