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Some Need To Know Things About Paintings Studio

Paintings Studio is one of the very popular Painting Studio in the whole world   It is an Estonian company that manages the company. There are many good artists who work under the studio. Every year, many of the people get the service of this studio to get some masterpiece of their liking to present for the self, for mother, wife, husband, brother, or anyone they love. Their way of working is really appreciable and can’t be ignored easily. They give their full attention to every single project they get.

There are many things to know about them if you are planning to give your first order to try it once. The studio artists prepare the painting in many different sizes such as 20cm x 25cm, 2 7cm x 37cm , 30cm x 40cm, 40cm x 50cm and many other sizes. The rates of each size are different from the others. The starting price of the paintings is $250 and the highest price is about $750 depending on the size and the medium used to prepare the paintings. Some of the very well known mediums to prepare the paintings are oil, pastel, charcoal, watercolor, acrylic, and many others. If you want to get more details about painting studio, you may check out Paintings.Studio.

The order for the paintings can be given from any part of the world and just at the payment of 20% of the total amount as advances and the whole work of the painting is started by the studio. The studio offers some other benefits also for its customers. The studio gives free shipping for all the orders anywhere in the world. Along with this it also provides a free frame for the low dimensioned paintings. The frames can be chosen even though it is for free. For more such detail of the studio, anyone can visit it at Paintings Studio.