If you do not want to contact laboratory assistant for testing out the drugs then here is the best remedy for you. It is called as mandelin reagent and you can buy this right via online services. It is easiest way in which you can test any illicit drugs right at home. The good part about this is it is 100% legal.

Testing out any drug is not a crime so make sure to use it without any stress at all. Right after testing you will notice different colors which are really important. It is because the result is completely based on the colors itself.

Is it dangerous for hands?

If we talk about dangerous situation then you will not have to worry about that because in this kit you will be going to find a special gloves to use. Now if by chance liquid gets on your hands you should immediately wash your hands with water and soap. That will help in reducing the burning sensation in no time. If you want to get more interesting details about mandelin testing kit, visit this site wimscilabs.com.

You can try it at any time and If you feel like you will test more drugs in the future then you should go for the larger tube. The kit comes in different variants so make sure that you are buying the bigger one with bigger bottle of solution.

Bottom lines

Mandelin Reagent will let you know whether the drug you are about to use is pure or not. If a color goes darker then it means the substance is highly pure in nature. On the other hand if no color occurs at the end then it means there is no mixture of drugs at all.

In this way the testing kit works and also it is definitely affordable to buy online.