One can easily take preliminary drug tests at home with basic drug test kits available at low price in the market. These kits are pretty good if someone wants to get sure if some drug is still present in their body if taken earlier. Or otherwise, when someone is going for any employment opportunity to test the candidate and if you want to be sure that there’s no drug entered your body through any particular food or medicine. Get detailed info about urine drug test kits visit on

Multiple Indicators or Abbreviations on the Absorbent Strip

Any drug test indicator strip can have various abbreviated letters on it at different levels like C or O, P, etc. Different indicators mean different types of drugs or other parameters. Sometimes the change of coloring of the strip could also indicate much about the sample. Some common indicators on absorbent are as follows.

  • C indicates the control line, and a line in front of C means the test is working correctly. If a line does appear for C indicates a retest is required, the trial went invalid during any test.
  • Multidrug test strips are capable of detecting multiple drugs by a single sample. And thus, there could be various lines occurring at different lengths of the strip.

These indicator lines’ appearance for each abbreviation means the individual test negative for that particular type of rug. And if no indication appears for a mentioned abbreviation, that means positive for the drug.

What Factors Could Affect The Authenticity Of A Test?

The tests done through instant drug testing kits are presumptive, and one has to take a lab-based test to be 100% certain of the drug. This is because tests could be affected by various factors like duration for which the test is stored, conditions or temperature at which the sample is stored ad many more.