Do you want to improve your sales significantly and do your business to achieve its set objectives? Then it would help if you considered venturing into the online marketing industry. According to recent studies, online marketing is taking over the marketing world. Investing in digital marketing is among the few most crucial decisions that you can make for your business. Many people shift from the standard way of buying products and services from local shops to online stores. Thus, by setting your store online, you will be able to enjoy several benefits.This article shall discuss some of the fantastic facts and statistics about online marketing. They include;

93% of interactions begin with search engine

According to SEO statistics, did you know that over 90 % of all online businesses start with a search engine? That shows that one of the most effective ways to improve your online visibility is through investing in SEO services. Seo services will help your business site to rank higher to attract most of the online searches. Some of the other impressive statistics you need to know include; google search engine receives over 77000 every second, and 72 % of online marketers consider quality content a breakthrough for online marketing. According to the tips from Mr. Alain Dumenil, it is clear that investing in SEO services will help your business a lot.

Email marketing

Do you know that over 281 billion emails get sent every day? That shows that many people receive and read emails every day. Thus, by choosing email marketing as your online marketing tool, there are high chances of achieving the best results.

Social media marketing statistics

About 3.2 billion people use social media platforms every day. That shows about 42% of the total world population uses social media. As a business person, if you make better use of social media marketing, you can market your services or products to many people per day. Get more interesting details about alain dumenil on peoplepill.

Lastly, about e-commerce, many people make purchases over mobile devices every day. Therefore, if you have an active eCommerce site, there are high chances of selling more than when operating a local store.

Therefore,considering all the facts and statistics discussed above, it is clear that online marketing is among your business’s best choices.